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Young Carers
Are you looking after someone? If you're a Young Carer, we can help make life a bit easier for you and the person you care for.

Here's how:
  • Let us help you get the support on offer
  • Take a break with our clubs, trips and social activities
  • We're here if you need to talk

What to do:

1. The first step is to ask us to get in touch with you. We'll ask you to give us an email address or phone number for one of your parents at first, as we need their permission to start helping you.

2. Then we'll meet up with you for a chat, to get an idea about the help you need. This meet-up is just with you, with your parents' permission.

3. We'll help you get sorted out with any help that's on offer for you and we'll give you all the details about our clubs, trips and other activities.

What Is A Young Carer?

Did you know there are about 600 young carers in Eden? So, if you care for someone, you're certainly not alone!

You're a Young Carer if:

  • You're a child or young person and 
  • You help someone in ways that an adult would usually do, like:
    • Staying in the house a lot to be there for them
    • Helping them to get up, get washed or dressed, or helping with using the loo
    • Doing lots of the household chores like shopping, cleaning and cooking
    • Looking after younger brothers and sisters
    • Providing emotional support or a shoulder to cry on

If that sounds like you, then we're here to help you.

You can also find out more about being a Young Carer on the Carers Trust website.

For Parents

We support Young Carers aged 5 - 18 years of age, by offering statutory Carers Assessments, 1:1 support and activities. 

If you, or a family member would like to talk to one of our Carer Support Workers for more information on how we can help support a Young Carer please phone our office or send us an email.

Clubs For Young Carers In Eden

Once you've got in touch with us, you'll be able to come to the clubs we run especially for Young Carers like you in Eden.

School Holiday Activities

Being a young person is challenging enough and having a caring responsibility adds to those challenges.  So we can help you to HAVE A BREAK; by organising days away during the school holidays were you can be with friends and have fun doing something new.

More Help

Someone To Talk To

Caring for someone can be pretty stressful at times - most of our carers would agree!  
It can get you down sometimes, but we can help.

Kooth is an online service, where you can talk to someone, get advice for a friend or see what others are saying.  Its free, use your mobile, tablet and desktop.  Go to

Volunteering & Work Experience

Would you like to get some work experience that will help you in your future career? We can arrange volunteering and work experience opportunities for you.