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Carers Week 2022 - 'Make Caring Visible, Valued and Supported'
Carers Week is an annual campaign to raise awareness of caring, highlight the challenges unpaid carers face and recognise the contribution they make to families and communities throughout the UK. It also helps people who don't think of themselves as having caring responsibilities to identify as carers and access much-needed support....
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Over 930,000 unpaid carers will see a real terms cut in benefits - Carers UK response to benefits upratings
Over 930,000 unpaid carers will see a real terms cut in benefits - Carers UK response to benefits upratings1 On Monday 11 April 2022, state benefits are being uprated to the new 2022/23 levels but are leaving unpaid carers’ benefits far behind the rate of living costs, meaning a real terms cut in income....
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Success! Health and Care Bill - carers' rights protected at hospital discharge
We are delighted to share good news with you all regarding our Health and Care Bill campaign! On 30 March, we welcomed an amendment to the Health and Care Bill which was passed in the Commons having been brought forward by the Government....
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Carers UK comment on changes to eligibility for free Lateral Flow Tests
Commenting on the Government’s next steps for living with COVID-19, including eligibility for access to free COVID testing, as set out    in a written ministerial statement by the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Helen Walker, Chief Executive of Carers UK said: “Carers UK is deeply disappointed that tests will not be made free of charge to unpaid carers whether they are symptomatic or not....
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Dying patients living longer than expected lose NHS funds
More than 1,300 patients a year are having NHS funding for their palliative care withdrawn after living longer than expected, BBC analysis shows. Terminally-ill or rapidly-declining patients are given fast-track support, allowing them to live outside hospital....
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Financial pressure on unpaid carers unsustainable
“I am anxious & scared of what our living costs will be in the coming months. I’m unable to sleep and worried about surviving” (an unpaid carer, February 2022). Just under half (45%) of unpaid carers are currently unable to manage their monthly expenses, the latest research by Carers UK has revealed....
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Carers UK welcomes Peers successfully protecting carers’ rights in Health and Care Bill
Carers UK strongly welcomed the fact that Peers have today successfully won an amendment against the Government’s attempt to revoke the Community Care (Delayed Discharges etc) Act 2003 in the Health and Care Bill during its report stage in the Lords....
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County Council announces testing site closures following government advice
In line with central government policy, Cumbria County Council have announced that all free symptomatic and asymptomatic testing sites for COVID-19 need to close in the county by Thursday 31 March. The in-person and mobile testing sites were set up during the height of the pandemic but following the release of the government’s “Living with COVID-19” plan, they will all be decommissioned by the end of the month - with some closing earlier than that....
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Update on Health and Care Bill campaign
Carers UK has been campaigning to both safeguard and improve carers’ rights in the passing of the Health and Care Bill.   Committee Stage for the Health and Care Bill in the House of Lords took place in January and February 2022....
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Government launches its 'Living with COVID-19' plan
Earlier this month the Government launched its ‘Living with Covid-19’ plan to lift all restrictions and phase out free tests and carers have been sharing with Carers UK some of their concerns. Carers UK is, therefore, calling for free tests for unpaid carers to continue, for carers to be included in any future vaccination plans and for Government guidance for employers in relation to carers and workers with specific conditions....
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