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Cumbria Together - Information on dealing with crime and antisocial behaviour

As you will be aware the effects of Crime and Antisocial Behaviour can be devastating and can impact not only on individuals but on families, friends and communities in a variety of ways.  The Cumbria Together website  has been developed as a result of it becoming evident that there are lots of agencies in Cumbria providing services to and for those affected by crime and antisocial behaviour, which are not joined up. Services can be very varied even within the same organisation, as well as geographically. The purpose of the website is to provide an Information Portal bringing services and information about what is available for those affected by crime together.


The Cumbria Together website can be searched via geographical area, crime type or directory and links can be made directly to agency websites. There is a dedicated section available for young people and a useful information page. The website has a multilingual facility and safe mode button. The latest section of the website is available to include news and details of training and other events. 

 It is only by working together that we will make a difference for victims. The information and support available for those affected by Crime and Antisocial Behaviour, often when they are at their most vulnerable, is key to helping them to cope and recover from their experience.


 Credit sized information cards with details of the website are available for victims and those affected by crime and antisocial behaviour. 

Posted: 18th June 2015