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Can my mother avoid using her home to fund care costs?
My mother is 82 and her health is failing. I think she will end up in a residential care home. She is concerned all of her money will be spent on care. Her home is worth £400,000; she has £50,000 in a savings account....
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Carers UK welcomes unpaid carers’ inclusion in autumn COVID-19 vaccine booster programme
Carers UK warmly welcomed the news that unpaid carers will now be included in the autumn vaccine booster programme for COVID-19 as well as the annual flu campaign where they are eligible for a free jab....
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Cumbria’s SEND Annual Surveys
Cumbria’s SEND Annual Surveys launched on 18 July and will close in September 2022. The questionnaire has been developed in co-production with parents and carers. There are 3 live surveys, please click on the appropriate one and complete: 1....
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State of Caring survey 2022
We are delighted to launch our State of Caring 2022 survey this week, and we would be really grateful for your help in encouraging carers to take part. All the information we get from carers helps us to build a picture of what caring is like at the moment and we are keen to hear from as many different carers as possible....
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Unpaid carers gain new rights as Health and Care Act 2022 introduced
05 July 2022 Unpaid carers gain new rights as Health and Care Act 2022 introduced Carers UK highlights new rights for carers on the 74th anniversary of the NHS New NHS Integrated Care Boards are now in force across England (since 1 July) and carry new duties making them responsible for involving carers and those they care for in decision-making....
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Support with living costs - Carer UK
If you are struggling to make ends meet at the moment, it’s important to know that there is help available. On this page, you can find lots of suggestions to help you manage your finances and get support during these challenging times of rising living costs....
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MS Society - Keeping Active Info Event
Look below for event details: ...
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Carer's Leave - Wendy Chamberlain MP's Private Members Bill
We have exciting news that Wendy Chamberlain, the Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament for North East Fife, has decided to take Carer’s Leave as her Private Member’s Bill. We will be working with her closely to ensure that this Bill is a success....
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Do you support a family member living at home with dementia?
Yes? Please tell us about your experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic by answering our survey (30 – 45 minutes). All replies will be anonymous and completely confidential To get involved:  Please go to https://bit....
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How you can get involved this Carers Week
Carers Week (6-12 June) is here, and as unpaid carers continue to face huge challenges it's more important than ever that we come together to raise awareness of caring. If you haven’t yet shown your commitment to making caring Visible, Valued and Supported by adding your pledge as to how you will support unpaid carers, you can do so by clicking the button below....
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