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Carer's Leave - Wendy Chamberlain MP's Private Members Bill

We have exciting news that Wendy Chamberlain, the Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament for North East Fife, has decided to take Carer’s Leave as her Private Member’s Bill. We will be working with her closely to ensure that this Bill is a success.

The long title is 'A Bill to make provision about unpaid leave for employees with caring responsibilities'. The Bill will be published a later date and this will provide more detail.

As you may know, Private Members' Bills have a more precarious journey through Parliament and will need support. We will be contacting you shortly to ask for your support for this Bill when we have more detail.

This is a long-term campaign goal of Carers UK based on what carers want to see changed, building on positive evidence of our Employers for Carers members and Carer Positive scheme. Although the right would be unpaid, it would still be a landmark piece of legislation ensuring that all employers had to recognise carers. Our evidence from carers is also strong that raising awareness amongst employers is positive and, along with Carer’s Leave, would support them at work and enable them to better juggle work and care. 

The Bill is likely to cover England, Scotland and Wales but not Northern Ireland, as the latter always has separate legislation in employment law.

Please see our press release that we released this morning here. You can also find out more about our campaign on our website.

We hope that you will consider lending your support to this Bill and we will be in touch shortly.

With best wishes,

Emily Holzhausen OBE

Director of Policy and Public Affairs 

Carers UK

Posted: 15th June 2022